Healthcare | Barcode Promotes Pharmacy Management

Barcoding technology in healthcare ensures patient safety and reduces human errors by making all essential data trackable and transparent. Apart from that, to retail pharmacies, barcoding offers an improved inventory control, enhanced customer satisfaction, and increasing profitability. That’s what China Nepstar, China’s largest retail pharmacy, is enjoying currently.

One typical store of China Nepstar - there are over 3000 of them across the nation - carries 1,800 to 2350 different products, from over-the-counter (OTC) drugs to nutritional supplements. Besides inventory control management like other retail chain stores, China Nepstar is faced with other challenges. It must handle prescription drugs strictly according to laws and regulations, give customers accurate dosage instructions, and provide a fast and courteous service. 

China Nepstar purchases medicines from its suppliers and adds stock in its nationwide distribution centers. While receiving medicines, employee uses Chainway C3000 handheld computer to read barcode that comes with the package. The black thin lines tell the medicine’s name, type, pharmaceutical company’s name, and expiration date. Expiry food can cause harm to health, expiry medicines can cause deaths. Finding an effective and accurate way to manage expiry dates of inventory is the foundation of any pharmacies. With Chainway handheld computer, all data of received medicines is read and transferred to the company’s back-end system under Wi-Fi connection. If Wi-Fi does not stay stable, C3000 stores all read data in its storage memory first and transfers it later when Wi-Fi gets better. 

Tracking expiry dates comes along with minimizing out-of-stock items. Now customers know that they can always get the medicine or supplement they need from the store, without worrying about counterfeit or expiry problems at all. Winning customers’ trust, Nepstar can stay ahead of the curve to seamlessly adapt to new challenges as they arise.

As long as all distribution centers use Chainway device to collect data, an overall database can be built. It enables the headquarters to manage its distribution centers in multiple locations. Also, data stored on Chainway handheld barcode scanner is fully safeguarded. It sets up limited access for some applications using login credentials. Your data is safe with Chainway terminal. 

With barcoding technology and Chainway handheld barcode scanner, inventory accuracy is improved, customer experience is enhanced, and sales are lifted.