Logistics | Handheld Barcode Scanner in Postal and Express

TNT Express is operational in Pakistan for almost 3 decades. Because of business expansion in this country, manual operations of picking, tracking and delivery can barely meet the current need. TNT Pakistan chooses Shenzhen Chainway Information Technology Co., Ltd (Chainway) as its partner to build a new information express system. 

handheld barcode scanner

The barcode-based system consists of barcode, Chainway handheld barcode scanner, and software. Every parcel is labeled with a barcode, which carries a unique ID number. Every step of the logistics process, from receiving to delivering, is scanned and tracked. TNT deploys Chainway handheld computer in delivery.

Current situation:
Delivering orders on time to your customers is the last mile of TNT express business and the final step to enhance customer experience. However, when customers do not have access to their order status, when delivery men need to do extra work to send back the signed paper delivery orders to the office, when parcel gets damaged after customer opens it, neither customers nor the express company will be satisfied.

With Chainway handheld computer:
1.Accurately capture order location via GPS functionality of Chainway mobile computer and communicate to customers from pick-up to final delivery confirmation to ensure customer satisfaction.
2.Delivery and pick-up are confirmed through electronic signature on handheld terminal. Transfer the proof to the back-end server. Cloud-based data management simplifies data collection process and improves productivity. 
3.Validate package condition with photo record taken by Chainway handheld computer to eliminate disputes. 

Chainway handheld computer brings TNT the ability to improve operational efficiency, make optimal use of resources, and boost customer satisfaction.