Access Control | HK Metro Inspects Tickets via RFID

Hong Kong Mass Transit Railway (MTR) stands out for its safety, reliability and good service. To hold or even enhance this strength, MTR works with Chainway to introduce RFID handheld readers into the ticket inspecting system. 
handheld computer
The East Rail Line (ERL) is one of eleven railway lines of MTR, and is the only railway in Hong Kong to offer first class commuter service. Riding on first class carriage costs twice that of a standard-class journey. Passengers can buy first class single journey tickets or use Octopus cards (a stored value smart card) to travel first class. Chainway handheld computers are used to inspect those tickets or second check Octopus cards. 

Both single journey ticket and Octopus card are contactless smart cards embedded with RFID chips. Passengers who want to travel first class by Octopus must validate their card at a first class processor before entering the first class compartment. When ticket inspectors perform checks on train, passengers need to present their validated Octopus or valid first class tickets. 

MTR was thinking to use a terminal to fast detect whether a passenger was showing a valid pass. The R&D department of Chainway Information Technology Co., ltd (Chainway) designed a customized C5000 handheld computer for MTR based on their demands. Keyboard area was transformed into RFID reading area. This new C5000 was equipped with a purchase secure application module (PSAM). The screen was upside-down so that inspectors can see the result the moment passengers tap their card. 

C5000 shows the entry point of the card. If it is an Octopus, it also shows whether the card is validated on a first class processor. Passengers who fail to present a valid first class ticket or a validated Octopus card will be liable to a surcharge of HK$500. Every inspection result will be transmitted to MTR’s ticketing management system under Wi-Fi connection.

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