Mexico National Resident ID Project for SEDESOL

Mexican Ministry of Social Development is committed to offering social welfare and social relief to the crowd in need so as to achieve country's common prosperity. However, due to heavy funded population, the manual match during distribution is inefficient and cases like falsely claim and repeating receipt often occur, so that the sponsorship cost is often beyond the financial budget. Chainway's Sustentation system adopted fingerprint recognition technology to achieve automatic match, so that the Ministry can carry out work in order.


  • The traditional method of manual recording to collect information results in heavy workload and low efficiency.
  • The pictorial information cannot be collected; recorded information is not comprehensive.
  • The artificial match to identity verification is time-consuming and error-prone, and phenomena like falsely claim and repeating receipt often occur.
  • Heavy funded population makes management complicated and cost uncontrollable.

Chainway helps the Mexican Ministry of Social Development set up a sound Sustentation system and database by adopting fingerprint recognition technology and applying it to the C4000 handheld computers, which not only solved the problems like personal identity verification and comprehensive information collection, but also improved the mobility and reduced the cost of relief supplies.

Application Details
Electronic information management
With a handheld PDA, application form can be quickly completed, comprehensive information including portrait, fingerprint, photographs of home environment, and home address can be collected, which is quite convenient and swift, accurate and reliable.
Real-time information management
The 3G network enables real-time transmission of the applicant information to the background, exempting from manual entry, which greatly improves work efficiency and shortens approval time.
Intelligent identification management
When distributing subsidies, fingerprint recognition technology is adopted to identify the funded, realizing automatic match more quickly and accurately.
Jurisdictions positioning management
Via GPS, the handheld computer can quickly judge whether the funded belong to the jurisdiction, avoiding repeating receipt in multiple jurisdictions and helping save costs.

  • The application of fingerprint recognition technology solved the problem of personal identity verification fast and precisely, and eliminated effectively the cases like falsely claim and repeating receipt.
  • The collection of applicant information became more convenient and comprehensive through mobile computers.
  • The wireless enabled real-time transmission and storage of the applicant information and created detailed profile to facilitate future query and management.
  • The handheld computer is small and portable, which greatly facilitated the funding for people in remote mountainous areas.
  • The handheld computer significantly improved the funding system, optimized the funding process, increased management efficiency, and reduced funding costs.

PDA Configuration
P/N: C4000
Function: Fingerprint, GPS, 3G, Camera