Logistics Management for TNT Express In Pakistan

TNT is operational in Pakistan for almost 3 decades. Because of business expansion in this country, traditional way to provide express services (picking, tracking and delivery) can barely meet the current need. TNT Pakistan then chooses Chainway as its partner to build a new highly efficient express system. TNT uses Chainway C3000 in express inventory, distribution, logistics tracking and goods delivery. The whole operational efficiency is improved, and the company benefits a lot from it.


  • While labor cost was high, manual picking were error-prone and inefficient.
  • When business peak, workers cannot handle stacked parcels, an on-time delivery seemed not possible. Delivery time was uncontrollable.
  • There was no personnel management system to evaluate employees' performance.
  • Real-time tracking was unlikely to achieve, especially when emergencies occurred. Customer experience was poor.

A barcode-based solution is launched to ensure intelligent picking, tracking and delivery. All real-time data is forwarded to the backend system. Real-time management can be therefore promised. Also, TNT can offer tracking information to those customers who are eager to know their parcel conditions.

Application Details

Workers use handheld barcode scanners to scan the 2D barcode on the parcel in the warehouse. Fast and accurate parcel inventory and distribution means high efficiency and real-time tracking. Data transmission via Wi-Fi connection to the backend system allows administrators supervise and consult the real-time situation of the express process.
The courier carries Chainway C3000 handheld terminal to scan the 2D barcode on the parcel. Delivery information is recorded automatically by the handheld and forwarded to the data base via 3G network. It is fast and convenient.


  • Data can be collected in an easy way in the business peak. Both operational efficiency and customer service level are improved.
  • Real-time tracking of personnel is realized. It standardizes workflows.
  • Intelligent parcel picking and delivery improve working efficiency.
  • Real-time logistics information is offered to the customer. Customer satisfaction is ensured.
  • A better cooperative image is enhanced under the newly-founded logistics system.

PDA Configuration
P/N: C3000
Functions: 2D, 3G, WiFi