Football Ticket Checking in the United Kingdom

Football has been the most popular sport in the United Kingdom since 1860s. A regular-size football stadium can hold thousands of spectators at one time. A fast way to check the validity of a ticket is needed in order to speed up the entry and to satisfy both spectators and event holders.
In the past, spectators had their paper tickets checked visually by stadium employees at the entrance. This process often led to long queues as visitors entered the stadium. A number of security issues also happened. Some individuals would counterfeit tickets, while others would enter the more expensive seating area.
A new paper ticket with a 2D barcode is provided. When the ticket is presented for admission, a staff members scan the barcode with Chainway handheld barcode scanner. This handheld scanner is equipped with an advanced Zebra 2D scan head and accesses a database in real time via stable wireless communication. A valid ticket returns a response displaying the unique serial number of the ticket.
  1. It allowed visitors faster entrance to the stadium and their seats, while reducing the risk of ticket fraud.
  2. Real-time ticket data is captured and transmitted to the backend management system wirelessly. In that way, interested parties can log onto the system and view the number of people who have entered the stadium, as well as how quickly, in which entrance, in real time.