Improve Warehouse Visibility for a Shopping Mall in Ubon

This e-commerce enterprise has several large warehouses across Thailand. With the rapid development of e-commerce and continuous expansion of business, requirements for speed and mobility have become high and higher. The current situation has urged the company to change the previous manual operation for a more intelligent and efficient management tool.


  • Because there are large quantities of goods in and out of each warehouse every day, manual steps are not only time-consuming but also error-prone.

  • Paper records are not easy to keep, and most importantly extremely inconvenient to inquire needed information.

  • It is difficult to find the cause when recorded data don't match with the real stock, a real headache for the user.

Integrated with barcode scanning technology, Chainway PDA can automatically identify goods information by scanning their unique 2D barcodes, just like our unique passports or driver licenses. Then sorting, stock-taking and order picking become quicker and more precise.

Application Details
Quick Putaway
Upon the arrival of goods, each commodity is pasted with a label which will distinguish it from others. By scanning the label, the database will synchronize the records, confirming their entering into warehouses. The label has already been written into information like product name, category, production date, exact place where it should be placed, and etc. The warehouse keepers can then quickly and accurately put them away on the right shelf.
Efficient Stock-taking
Each warehouse can monitor its real-time stock with smart PDAs. Real-time transmission of inventory information to the database over wireless network connections greatly enhances stock-taking efficiency and feedback speed. Inventory visibility are improved and replenishment are made in time, so that supply shortage or out of stock never happens.
Intelligent Sorting
Each warehouse received thousands of orders each day. Fulfilling one order by another is definitely a waste of time and warehouse keepers keep walking back and forth for the whole day. Chainway PDAs solves this trouble by planning the best sorting route, putting all staff's work in order.
Information Inquiries
For administrators, they can get whatever data they need about a certain commodity by an easy wave of a mobile computer. By entering commodity's code number in the official website, customers can check all information online so that they can be assured of its authenticity.


  • Automatic data collection saved both time and efforts.

  • The first-rate scanning head delivered strong recognition ability, fast scanning speed and high precision.

  • Information automatically transmitted to the database over wireless networks eliminated handwritten transcripts. Electronic records could be kept forever and information inquiry became much easier.

  • The efficiency of recording the inbound and outbound was highly enhanced, at the same time avoided manual errors.

  • Real-time inquiry about inventory information stopped incidents like stock out.

  • It maximized utilization of warehouses, lowered warehousing costs, and speeded up the turnover rate.

PDA Configuration
P/N: C5000
Functions: 1D/2D, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth

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