TAIHANG Grand Canyon Delivers Better Tourist Satisfaction

Taihang Grand Canyon, located in the south-east of Shanxi Province, is one of China's most beautiful canyons. It is a well-known tourist attraction in Huguan County. As a 4A tourist spot, it attracts many visitors each year. In order to improve its service quality and strengthen the scientific management of scenic spots, the local government coped with Chainway to deploy smart ticket inspection system.


  • Traditional paper tickets can be easily counterfeited. It's not easy for inspectors' naked eyes to distinguish fake ones from others. Fake tickets caused great losses to the spot administrators.

  • Ticket losses also happen when mountain aborigines and staff of the spot secretly take tourist groups in.

  • The number of tourists surges in holidays. Manual ticket inspection leads to traffic congestion at the entrance.

  • There are additional fees inside the spot. The financial department need to sum up all the fees that tourists have spent to do the accounting, which is a heavy workload.

Chainway Information Technology Co., Ltd. developed an intelligent ticket validation system for the local government to strengthen the scenic spot's ticket affairs management. Using C2000 handheld devices to scan the tickets with two-dimensional barcodes delivers higher security and reduces counterfeit tickets. Automatic identification instead of naked eyes' identification significantly improves the speed and accuracy of ticket inspection. Even in holidays, tourists can be quickly admitted so that they can be better satisfied.


  • These unique tickets with 2D barcodes can't be easily modified, copied and counterfeited.

  • Automatic ticket validation brings a substantial increase in inspection efficiency, which shortens the time of tourists passing through the entrance.

  • It eases off working staff's workload, thus their loyalty and commitment is highly enhanced.

  • The application of intelligent ticket checking system has strengthened the overall management of the scenic spot, improves the service quality of ticket checking. The degree of satisfaction of tourists has been raised, which further stimulates consumption and increases the income of the local government.

PDA Configuration
P/N: C2000
Functions: 2D, GPRS, Wi-Fi