Ticket Validation for VIPs in China Open

The China Open, approved by International Tennis Association since 2004, is an annual professional tennis tournament held in Beijing, China. It is part of the ATP 500 Series of the 2011 ATP World Tour. As there are a crowd of spectators and multiple types of tickets, the requirements for ticket validation are quite high. As a result, Chainway C5000 mobile computers had been adopted to validate tickets in the China Open from 2010 to 2015. This solution contributed to a well-organized event, and was highly appraised by the organizer.


  • Disorder sometimes happened during ticket validation as there were too many spectators and multiple types of tickets.

  • Traditional way of checking tickets resulted in high labor cost and low efficiency.

  • The anti-counterfeiting performance of traditional tickets was not satisfying. It was not easy for ticket inspectors to find out counterfeit tickets.

  • That information could not be automatically transmitted to the background database was not convenient for overall management.

Configured with two-dimensional barcode scanning and high-frequency RFID reading and writing functions, Chainway C5000 upgrades both inspectors' and spectators' experience. Chainway solution also integrated ticketing system, inspection system, billing system, ticket management system, membership management system, IC card spending systems and other subsystems. When VIP spectators take out their electronic tickets with RFID tags, automatic ticket validation is done quickly by weaving C5000 mobile computers. If the ticket is valid, the screen shows a sign that allows passing and the spectator can get into the venue, or text and voice warnings will be issued.


  • The PDAs play an important role in establishing an automatic, standardized and modern Ticket Management System for this event.

  • Using handheld computers to automatically validate tickets has enhanced the staff's productivity, as well as saved labor costs.

  • This lightweight and pocketable handheld reader is comfortable to carry and easy to operate. It always delivers smooth and stable operation.

  • All information during ticket inspection can be transmitted to the system via Wi-Fi in real time. The background system then can sum up the number of spectators admitted at each VIP entrance.

  • Speed of ticket validation and quality of service are greatly improved, so the audience's satisfaction has also been improved.

PDA Configuration
P/N: C5000 
Functions: 2D, HF RFID, Wi-Fi